We are pleased to announce that Le Collectionist has taken over the rental management of a selection of properties from VALLAT, as well as its property management section. Find out more
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The speciality of VALLAT Rentals
A word from VALLAT Rentals Team

Situated in the heart of Courchevel 1850, the Rental Management and Hospitality Management service named "VALLAT Rentals" manages its collection of 150 properties year round, starting from cosy 2 bedroom apartments and leading up to prestigious chalets with more than 700sqm. We also find this service in Courchevel's neighbouring resort, Méribel, in Megève and Tignes, and more particularly in Annecy. Each property, nomatter what its size, rigorously fits into a range of four or five star services depending on the property, representative of the guidelines  and signature of the VALLAT expertise. Whether it is from an owners point of view wishing to profit from their property following very precise specifications, or from a clients side wanting to live a different holiday experience, unique and "made to measure". In Courchevel, the VALLAT Rentals team deploy all of their experience daily to satisfy the clientele. 

Can you enlighten us to the Rental Management trade?

The rental management is a rather complicated occupation.

Our trade consists of renting for a week or more, private properties confided to us by certain owners in Courchevel. Our mission is on one hand to find the tenants, and on the other to assure a certain number of services once the client has taken possession of the property.

Our "VALLAT Rentals" operational and commercial team are keen to give our clients unforgettable memories. All means are put into place, as in a private hotel. 
All year round, we also intervene in the administration of the proprties with the "FAMILY OFFICE" service. This means that we manage, daily and in confidence, the properties of certain owners. We undertake the administration, the conciergerie, the maintenance and even the eventual search of financing for our owners' accounts. We even go as far to supervise the building works !

What are the services that you offer?

Everything is possible, from purchasing ski passes to reserving a table in a restaurant, even renting a helicopter. One part of our job is to anticipate as much as possible the needs of each client in order to guarantee them a perfect stay, for them to live their dream holiday and make them want to come back again.

What evolutions do you see in Rental Management in Courchevel?

For a few years now we have noticed that the time of reflection and decision's process to reserve has largely changed. Clients will contact us earlier (sometimes one year before their stay!) and others will prefer the last minute booking. They also take more time to think about our offers and confirm their reservation. They are more demanding one their criteria, for example on location, one the property's equipment... In this sense, our teams redouble their energy to promote our portfolio of properties to a targeted clientele and reach their occupancy targets, but with quality!


What means to you put into place, season after season, to attract a new clients?

We are very active. We attend several exhibitions dedicated to tourism, to winter sports and to Luxury in general, in France and also internationally of course. We benefit as well from the precious cooperation of loyal clients who recommend us to their circle of friends. Lastly and more traditionally, we broadcast promotional campaigns in various specialised press media or on the internet.

Stay informed!