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Yoga in the mountains
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Yoga in the mountains at the top of the balance

Yoga in the mountains

In the ski resort, yoga is increasingly part of the holiday programme.Zoom in on this discipline that allows to reconcile outdoors, physical exercise and perfect relaxation of body and mind.In a magical mountain setting, you will be able to discover all the benefits of yoga.Between breathing, relaxation, recovery and flexibility… you will feel light and reboost to resume your daily life.


Clean air at altitude


The practice of yoga in the mountains will allow you to enjoy pure air, far from urban pollution, in a natural and soothing atmosphere.Indeed, as you climb higher, the oxygen level decreases and the body compensates by making more red blood cells.This will allow your body to be boosted and more receptive to the relaxation of body and mind.


Skiing and yoga: two complementary disciplines?


Yoga can be practiced at any time of your sports program.Before putting on the skis, on the slopes but also to relax after skiing.You can easily combine these two sports activities during your stay!



The practice of yoga before skiing will allow to prepare your muscles for the effort and a better recovery afterwards.It is a real opportunity to relax and avoid the aches that come to settle down at the end of the day.



In the Alps, the resorts are starting to provide ski-yoga runs.On the program: a series of postures in a row allowing you to pace your descents and prepare your body for sliding.



An after-ski yoga session is ideal for recuperation.This helps reduce aches and recovers good breathing.


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