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3 valleys skiing area

Méribel, elegance amid nature

The intimacy of a chalet where wood, slate and stone form a blissful union. The harmony of a panorama that invites your gaze to soar to Alpine peaks or linger on the forest. The vibrancy of a ski area full of slopes that promise endless fun. The simplicity of a resort so elegant it has no need to show off. This is what Méribel is all about. Indoors you feel family warmth; outdoors you can let yourself go as you enjoy a vast winter sports playground, summer hiking or a peaceful stroll through a calm village whose centre stretches tastefully along a single winding street.If you are looking for an oasis where sophistication is happily wedded to nature, you have found it!
This is the beating heart of the 3 Valleys, the world's biggest ski area. Here there is plenty for everyone, from the most ardent ski lovers to devotees of more sedate pursuits. Méribel is the perfect base from which to set off and show your skills on the slopes of neighbouring resorts and sample the creations of Michelin-starred chefs before basking in the soothing surrounds of tranquil spas.
The summer is when Vanoise National Park comes into its own. From Lake Tueda the peaks come alive with flora, fauna, and trails along which you can ramble and marvel at breathtaking views. Golf lovers will relish the technically challenging 18-hole course near the Altiport. The club is renowned for its pleasant atmosphere and high quality competitions.
Looking through our collection of exceptional properties, you will have no trouble finding one where you can enjoy a break that fulfils your every wish and enables you to make the most of the resort's many attractions. Our concierge service talks to you to design breaks and tailored services that enable you to get on with having a good time.

In short,

The town

 Anyone who strolls through Méribel has a fair chance of hearing conversations in English or dropping into a pub that immediately makes you feel like you have crossed the Channel. The resort was founded by a Scotsman and is much loved by subjects of the Queen. The appeal has less to do with the resort's history than with its location and beauty.

Méribel lies at the foot of Vanoise National Park and is celebrated for its authentic charm and preserved architecture featuring stone, wood and slate. It is comprised of several "districts". You enter the resort through Les Allues and can then head either to the old village or the centre. Then you can easily get to Méribel les Hauts, where the Altiport is, followed by Mottaret. Each district has its own qualities and all have ski lifts providing easy access to the slopes.
One of the wonders of Méribel is the view it offers - in fact, the resort's name comes from the Latin "Mirare Bellum", meaning "The spot from where the view is beautiful".Here is a tip to help you fully appreciate just how beautiful that view can be: take a gondola to the top of Mont Vallon. Once you get there... well, you'll see for yourself!


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