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Baie de Saint-Tropez


The Mediterranean: a certain way of life. 

It’s all about the senses. The colours, fragrances and flavours. The ochre rock and the creamy white sand that both dive down into the blue Mediterranean sea, the soft green of the vegetation with touches of pink on the laurel bushes. The woody aromas of the cypress trees that mingle with the scent of the sea, a magnificent sweet and salty fragrance still invigorated by the heat of the sun at its peak, that even makes its way into the cuisine. The rhythm of the waves and of cicada song, an invitation to taking things easy. 


All of these things make up the Mediterranean. These things and many more besides. It is all about the senses, but also a way of life, a specific idea of what elegance and the Frenchdolce vitamean. A whole mythology that VALLAT strives to embody, and then make it your reality. Because this vision of a life in which beautiful things invite you to take life as its comes, to be truly in the present moment, is one we share.


From Provence to the Riviera, from inland to the coast, we set off in search of outstanding locations where we could bring dream settings to life for the time you spend with family or friends. On these sites with their exceptional views and surroundings, our architects have designed villas in harmony with the Mediterranean identity whilst bringing the traditional style up-to-date. Endless, light-filled spaces featuring fine materials that bring the outside in and vice versa. Interiors that bear the hallmark of beauty, but which you can also make your own by customising them to your aesthetic preferences.


In addition to the setting, we offer you a way of life where nothing gets in the way of making your wishes come true. In order to meet the high standards you expect, our teams work behind the scenes to take care of all the logistics and bring you the best of what the local area has to offer in terms of leisure, fine dining, sport and culture pursuits. The Bay of Saint-Tropez, Ramatuelle, Les Issambres, Grimaud, Gassin or La Croix-Valmer: every one of our destinations is well known beyond our borders and each holiday spot has its own features and history... Now is the time for you to become a part of that, with a shared vision of property ownership and holidays where only one thing matters: enjoying yourself. 

In short,

The town

Il y a Saint-Tropez, l’épicentre, ancienne cité corsaire devenue petit port de pêche puis villégiature huppée à la faveur de films et d’une fréquentation jet-set. Mais au-delà, il y a tous ces villages qui constituent la baie et dont les charmes font aussi la légende. Port-Grimaud, Ramatuelle, La Croix Valmer, Gassin…
Entre le Massif des Maures et la Méditerranée, entre l’ocre de la pierre et le bleu de la mer, les multiples petites communes du Var racontent chacune à leur façon l’histoire de la Provence et sont riches d’un patrimoine culturel et gastronomique envié du monde entier. Traversé par les vignes, les chemins des douaniers et les villages perchés, les attraits du territoire du Var se découvrent autant dans les terres que sur la mer.

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